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Can I order without an account?

Space Points, you say? What’s this?

I hear you also give “Bonus” Space Points?


I'm ready! So how do I place an order?

Um, how do I cancel my order?

Can I still change my order after it has been processed?

Can I place corporate orders and/or bulk orders? (And will you give me a discount?)

Shipping and Delivery

I’m excited to receive my stuff! How do I track my order?

What are your shipping rates?

What is the minimum order for me to avail of free shipping?

Do you offer Same-Day Shipping?

I was buying groceries for my dog and missed the delivery! What happens now?

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

When will I receive my order?

Is there any domestic area that Outer space cannot deliver to?

Returns and Refund

I received my item and changed my mind. Can I still return my item?

What if I receive a defective unit?

Can I track the status of my returned items?

How long does it take to replace my item?


How do I pay for my orders?

What payment methods do you accept online?

Which credit card do you accept?